Effective Swimming Lessons in Penang

Learn How to Swim in 12 Weeks Even if you Are Just a Beginner.

Swimming Courses Designed For Penangites.

Small Group Swimming Classes For More Attention & Advice From Our Swimming Instructors

In order for us to deliver great results and good learning experiences, we put a limit on all group swimming classes. Each lesson is up to 6 students, so that each student can receive specialized guidance from their instructor.

As a result you get more attention and advice while learning. No more will you go neglected and helpless in a swimming class!

Powerful Teaching System That Helps Beginners Learn In Less Time

A great swimmer may not be a good teacher. If you are struggling to learn from a friend then it is time you found a swimming coach that knows how to teach.

Breaking the swimming stroke knowledge into understandable pieces that everyone can easily learn, which will make your swimming lessons both fun and easy.

Learn How to Swim at Your Own Pace

Everyone has their own way of learning things, and we understand that. Our swimming classes are conducted in a way that fits your learning process instead of just teaching as if it is a lecture session.

Each lesson is 60 minutes, during which we will cover as much as you can learn. Our instructors observe and make sure that you have learned the first steps needed before overloading you with more techniques and information.

Ready To Join Our Swimming Classes in Penang?

Just tell us a little about yourself first, it will only take 2 minutes to fill out the form. Still not convinced? Keep scrolling.

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Types Of Swimming Lessons We Offer in Penang

At ActiveSwim, we do not rest on Saturday and Sunday so you can learn how to swim from us any day of the week. Here are the swimming classes we offer:

Kids Swimming Lessons

For children 8 & above

Adult Swimming Lessons

For working adults that want to learn

Swimming Lessons for Ladies

Taught by female swimming instructors

Interested In Our Swimming Classes in Penang?

We would love to teach you how to swim! Just tell us a little about yourself first, it will only take 2 minutes to fill out the form.

Stuff We Get Asked a Lot About Joining Our Penang Swimming Lessons

Do you teach on the mainland as well?

Unfortunately, the mainland is too wide for us to cover. Additionally the demand for swimming lessons is much lower than it is on Penang island.

Our location is just 3 minutes from the Penang bridge exit, and it is a convenient location for those traveling from the mainland as well. Join us at Penang island!

What are your payment terms like? What are the priced for joining your swimming classes?

We will collect full payment before your first class, after you confirm that you want to sign up for our course. If you cannot complete the course on your end, then there is no refund available.

Our fee starting from RM180/person and no registration fee. Each lesson is one hour, and the class size is limited to small group of students to ensure that you receive enough attention from our instructors.

I am not Chinese, can I join your class?

We understand that everyone struggles to learn swimming, and that is why our swimming classes are open to everyone. Regardless of where you are from you do not need a passport to enroll. Swimming is an important skill for everyone to have!

Do you provide free trial swimming classes in Penang? Or can I just pay for 1 lesson to try the class?

No. We only want to take in those who can commit to the swimming courses, as it is the key recipe for successful learning.

Where is your office? Can I meet you first or observe your class first before I sign up?

You can make appointment with our sales person, who will setup and appointment to meet with you. Walk ins are not allowed due to the high volume of students.
Click here to fill out a little about yourself, and we will be in touch with you soon.