Autism Swimming Lessons

Every person deserves the chance to learn how to swim and we are making it possible for autistic children to become more confident in the water, with an emphasis on water safety.

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Small Class Size To Help Autistic Children Learn
Better About Water Safety

Children with an autism spectrum disorder would often face difficulty learning about water safety. As a result, our class ratio is 1 coach to 2 students, making it possible for us to give each child special care, extra attention and the best swimming experience.

Private Lessons To Accommodate To The Needs Of Autistic Children

Regular swimming lessons have too many people around and that could be distracting for autistic children. That is why our lessons are scheduled on days when there are fewer people in the pool, so the children can feel more comfortable and less intimidated.

2-Hours Class To Help Autistic Children Play & Learn Better

All children have unique learning needs, but autistic children in particular require a little extra support. Our 2-hours autism swimming lessons are specially designed to ensure they have enough time to warm up, process their response, focus, get their energy out, and calm down, if the need arises.

Swimming Helps Children With Autism To Improve

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Knowing how to swim can be life-changing and life-saving.
Let us help your child learn how to be safe and confident around water.