Swimming Lessons For Kids, Adults & Ladies!

Effective Swimming Classes For Beginners In Malaysia. Private and Group swimming classes in Penang island and Kuala Lumpur (KL) & Petaling Jaya (PJ) area.

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Swimming Lessons Designed for Beginners to Start From Zero

Are you thinking about signing up for a swim class, but you know nothing about swimming? Then you have come to the right place to find swimming instructors and learn how to swim.

We specialise in teaching total beginners how to start swimming in just 12 weeks! Many students can even start to swim across the swimming pool in under 5 weeks.

Powerful Teaching Method That Helps you Learn How to Swim Quickly

Unlike the way your friends, spouse, or other swim instructors teach, we know exactly what is next and what steps you need to take to prepare for it.

We just have the right process and teaching method that is designed to teach beginners who start from zero. Our step by step system breaks down complex ideas and turns them into easy to understand concepts so that you can learn it quickly.

Stop Learning Swimming From Different Teachers Again & Again

Start Learning From Teachers With The Right Knowledge From The Beginning.

Many people start to learn swimming from friends and family members. While they may be a good swimmer not everyone is a good instructor, so they just do not have a good process and method to teach you.

Trying to learn from someone who does not know how to teach you is bad because then you could learn the wrong swimming technique, which is very hard to correct.

Get started with us today and learn from the right person, just 1 time per week for 12 weeks and you will be swimming correctly.

Type of Swimming Lessons We Offer

At ActiveSwim, we do not rest on Saturday and Sunday so you can learn how to swim from us any day of the week. Here are the swimming classes we offer:

Kids Swimming Lessons

For children 8 Year Old & above

Adult Swimming Lessons

For working adults that want to learn

Swimming Lessons for Ladies

Taught by female swimming instructors

Interested In Our Swimming Lessons?

We would love to teach you how to swim! Just tell us a little about yourself first, it will only take 2 minutes to fill out the form.

Stuff We Get Asked a Lot About Joining Our Swimming Lessons

How much are your swimming classes?

It depends on the location and package you sign up for. Please fill out a form about yourself to request a quote. Generally we ask a few questions before giving you a price, so that we can find the best class for you.

Can I get a discount? What if there are a few of us signing up together?

All swimming class prices are fixed. It would not be fair to you if we only taught you 80% of the course because we gave you a 20% discount. Instead we want you and your friends to get the best swimming lessons available.

Do you provide a guarantee for your course?

Everyone LOVES guarantees, us included! But learning is a process, which requires time and effort from both parties.

Guaranteeing something would start the courses off on the wrong foot, by causing the instructors to give their all while students would put in very little to no effort in learning.

That does not help you learn any faster, so instead we want you to bring your all with you. Therefor there is no guarantee, because you can only get out as much as you put in.

What happens if I missed one or more lessons in the 10 week course?

The swimming class packages include 2 complimentary replacement lessons if you happen to be absent during any of the ten week lessons.

What that means for you is that we will actually extend another week for each lesson you missed, so that you can come back and complete the class without needing to change your schedule.