Swimming Lessons For Ladies in Penang

Swimming Classes Taught By Female Instructors. Effective Swimming Lessons For Girls Who Want To Learn How To Swim!

Sign Up Swimming Lessons for Ladies

Taught by Someone Who Understands you, Not Just The Swimming Knowledge Alone

You are going through the swimming lessons just like anyone else who joins a group class, but we understand you are different compared to male students.

Our female instructors are simply better teachers to provide you more information that relate to such things as menstrual cycles, pregnancy, suitable strokes and patterns which are easier for female students to duplicate.

Get a Female Instructor to Teach you How to Swim

Available slots are very limited, and we really mean it. Fill out a short form to request for a slot. We will get back to you within a business day, or we will let you know how long you will need to wait.

Stuff we Get Asked a Lot About Joining Our Ladies Swimming Lessons

What happens if those ‘few days’ clash with my swimming class?

Just drop us an email if your expected due date is just around the corner and it clashes with your class. We will extend your swimming lessons for another week (from 10 weeks to 11 weeks) to replace the class you missed.

However, the replacement class is limited to 2 times only (max 12 weeks).

I seldom work out, and I am weak. Am I suitable to sign up the swimming class?

There is nobody that is too weak for our swimming lessons. We start very basic for swimming, and then improve your swimming skills from there. You just need to be very patient with yourself and have a persistent attitude throughout the course. You will learn!

The course is designed for total beginners, there is no angry instructor shouting at you or making you go through ‘hell’. Relax!