Adult Swimming Lessons in Penang

Effective Swimming Classes That Allow you to Learn in Just 10 Weeks!
Our Swimming Lessons Are Something Many Adults Find Both Relaxing & Fun.

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Constantly Working in a Stressful Environment? Our Swimming Classes are What you Need!

Swimming is a good activity to release your stress. The healing effects of the water allow your mind and body to totally relax!

Many CEO, directors, and business owners in Penang LOVE our swimming lessons because it is a great way to both release stress and forget about things bothering you.

Swimming Lessons That Can Help You Regain Your Health

Many people are working in an air-con room today. Daily routine tasks include replying to emails, meetings, answer phone calls and have lunch. Do you realize that all these activities do not require you to move around?

If you are working in this kind of environment, then your metabolism rate is very low. Start to work out today, so you will feel that your are more energetic than ever!

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We LOVE teaching adults to swim! In fact we specialize in it. Take 2 minutes to fill out a short form about yourself, and we will get back to you by the next business day, or even faster.

Stuff we Get Asked a Lot About Joining Our Adult Swimming Lessons

Am I too late to start?

Look, if you are under 50 years old then you are consider a ‘youngster’ in the class because our oldest student is 65 years old.

So, what is the problem to start at this age ‘youngster’?

I feel embarrassed to start at this age, should I go for a private adult swimming class?

Most of our students are working adults, all of them start from zero as well. They are not any better than you are.

A private swimming class is only good for those who do not work repeat shifts, who need to reschedule their class from time to time. Also, private classes are a lot more compared to a normal group class.

I can not commit on weekdays. Do you conduct classes on the weekend?

Yes. In fact most of our classes are weekend class. The majority of our students are working adults, and they work from 9am to 6pm.

There are multiple time slots available during the weekend. Hit the contact us button to let us know what the best time for you is and we will help to arrange a time slot for you.

I have back pain problem, my friends are telling me that swimming might help. Can I join your swimming class?

Well, we are not the right person to ask. Please consult and get permission from a doctor before joining us. Also, you need to ask a doctor which swimming stroke would be good for your problem.