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Autism Swimming Lessons

Every person deserves the chance to learn how to swim and we are making it possible for autistic children to become more confident in the water, with an emphasis on water safety.

Small Class Size To Help Autistic Children Learn Better About Water Safety

Children with an autism spectrum disorder would often face difficulty learning about water safety. As a result, our class ratio is 1 coach to 2 students, making it possible for us to give each child special care, extra attention, and the best swimming experience.

Kids swimming
Boy is swimming

Private Lessons To Accommodate To The Needs Of Autistic Children

Regular swimming lessons have too many people around and that could be distracting for autistic children. That is why our lessons are scheduled on days when there are fewer people in the pool, so the children can feel more comfortable and less intimidated.

2-Hours Class To Help Autistic Children Play & Learn Better

All children have unique learning needs, but autistic children, in particular, require a little extra support. Our 2-hours autism swimming lessons are specially designed to ensure they have enough time to warm up, process their response, focus, get their energy out, and calm down if the need arises.

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Interested In Our Swimming Lessons?

We would love to teach you how to swim! Just tell us a little about yourself first, it will only take 2 minutes to fill out the form

Stuff We Get Asked a Lot About Joining Our Swimming Lessons

How much are your swimming classes?

It depends on the location and packages you sign up for. Please fill out a form about yourself to request a quote. Generally, we ask a few questions before giving you a price so that we can find the best class for you.

Do you provide a guarantee for your course?

Everyone LOVES guarantees, we included! But learning is a process, which requires time and effort from both parties. Guaranteeing something would start the courses off on the wrong foot, by causing the instructors to give their all while students would put in very little to no effort in learning.

That does not help you learn any faster, so instead, we want you to bring your all with you. Therefore there is no guarantee because you can only get out as much as you put in.

Can I get a discount? What if there are a few of us signing up together

All swimming class prices are fixed. It would not be fair to you if we only taught you 80% of the course because we gave you a 20% discount. Instead, we want you and your friends to get the best swimming lessons available

What happens if I missed one or more lessons in the course?

The swimming class packages include complimentary replacement lessons if you happen to be absent during any of the lessons.

What that means for you is that you may do any replacement lessons anytime (depends on availability of slots) during the duration of the course package (e.g. For a 12 weeks course, all replacements must be done within the 12 weeks.)