Kids Swimming Lessons in Penang

Fun and Enjoyable Swimming Classes For Kids To Learn How To Swim. Classes That Your Kids Will Love and Want to Come Back For Every Week!

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By Combining Learning & Games Into Our Swimming Lessons, Kids Learn Faster Than Any Old School Method

Most kids are super fast learners, but they are easily distracted because they love to play! Many swimming instructors use harsh methods to make their classes behave, but scolding and punishing kids will just make them hate swimming class.

Therefor we do the exact opposite. Introducing games during swim lessons makes the instructor become the leader of the group. Guess what? Kids naturally will follow what the leader wants them to do.

The Important Lifelong Skill That Your Kid Has Yet to Learn

At ActiveSwim, we believe that learning how to swim should be fun and easy. We love swimming, so our goal is to teach your kids to love swimming as early as possible.

As people grow up they have more and more excuses not to learn how to swim, which is an essential life saving skill.

Swimming Class Designed For Children 8 & Older

Many parents love to send their kids to learn new things and attend lots of classes, which is fantastic. Great parenting!

However, in order for them to get the most out of the course kids must be independent enough to learn in a group. Eight-year-olds is the youngest age that can benefit the most from our course.

If your kid is 8 years old and above, enroll them in our class, so that they can start learning today.

Interested in Letting Your Kids Join our Swimming Class?

Tell us a little more about your child. It only takes 2 minutes and we will get back to within the next business day, or even faster!

Stuff we Get Asked a Lot About Kids Swimming Lessons

Will you give a cert once they have completed the swimming lesson?

No. Team members and kids are stressed out when ‘kiasu’ parents enroll their kids for a cert. Our goal is for kids to really enjoy learning and gaining the important lesson of how to swim, not to be worried about getting a cert.

I want my kids to join competitions. Which class should they join?

We focus on beginner lessons only. Thus, we encourage parents to let their kids learn the basics first before making a decision on which swimming team they should join.

Competitive swimming is not for everyone. It takes a significant amount time every week in order to participate in competitive swimming training, and it might affect their studies.

What if my kid has an exam around the corner? Can I stop the class?

You can choose to do so. The swimming class packages include limited complimentary replacement lessons. You may attend other classes to complete your lessons before a fixed date.

We will only honour 1 replacement class for every 2 class you sign up. For example, 4 lessons package will get 2 replacement class, while 12 lessons class get 6 replacement class.

How many swimming strokes will be covered in class?

Good question! It really depends on kids’ learning ability. Generally, a kid will learn 1 – 2 swimming strokes that allow them to swim from one end of the swimming pool to the other end.

My kid is sick! Can he cancel the class?

Of course. But you will need to inform our swimming instructor or admin personnel as soon as you can.

To ensure that your child still learns as much as possible we are happy to provide replacement class before his last class.

My kid has asthma, can he join?

Please consult a medical professional before he joins classes. We are the right people to ask when it it concerns a swimming related question, just like medically trained professionals are the right people to ask regarding medical questions.